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Rosagunde Renaldo (fl. 568) was the first princess of Genovia.


Rosagunde was the daughter of a general in the King of Italy's army.[1] When Alboin the Visigoth invaded and murdered the king he choose Rosagunde to be his wife.[1] Alboin forced Rosagunde to drink wine out of her father's skull.[1] On their wedding night, Rosagunde strangled Alboin with her braids.[1] When the original king of Italy's son took up the throne he rewarded Rosagunde by making her princess of the region now known as Genovia.[1]


Chesley McLaren, Perfect Princess: A Princess Diaries Book

Rosagunde was said to be a kind and thoughtful ruler. She is credited as one of the reasons that Genovia has some of the best literacy, infant mortality, and employment rates in Europe.[1]

In the summer of 2004 a grave is being excavated which historians believe may be the grave of Rosagunde, and that it is entirely possible she would be well preserved due to embalming techniques.[2]

A musical based on Rosagunde's encounter with Alboin titled Braid! was written by Clarisse Renaldo to be performed at Aide de Ferme. In it Rosagunde has a handsome lover, a blacksmith named Gustav, who tries to save her from Alboin but finds her with him already dead.[3]

Rosagunde is buried in a crypt in the royal cemetery which is broken into by Prince René. He steals a sample of her DNA to compare to his son, Morgan Alberto, using 23andMe so that Morgan can inherit the throne. They lose their case, not aided by the fact that René broke into the crypt and desecrated a national monument to steal Rosagunde's DNA.[4]

Appearance, Personality, and Traits

Rosagunde has blonde hair and blue eyes.[4]

Rosagunde wore her hair in a long braid, which she used to strangle Alboin.[1]

She is widely regarded for her bravery and fairness as a ruler.[1]


Behind the Scenes

Rosagunde is based on Rosamund, a real Italian who was married to Alboin the Lombard in 566. Alboin forced Rosamund to drink from her fathers skull and later helped to plan his assassination, though she did not assassinate him single-handedly, and he died in 572. In real life she was never made a princess.